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The department is experienced in working with design studios and advertising agencies and is ready to receive the product graphic design from them. Our graphic designers process these designs according to the work requirements, separate the colors into different layers and prepare the full color proofs for the customer illustrating the colors that will be produced in the press room. The department is equipped with a computer network located at three sites, which includes PC and MAC terminals, HP servers and backup systems. Our pre-press software from the word leader, Esko, creates a network environment that allows high standard handling of single items, while maintaining a systematic image and interconnecting all the plant departments.  Thanks to this system, we have the outstanding capacity to handle graphic files, prepare color proofs and digital images, and produce printing plates. 


This system allows us to conduct comprehensive tests before producing the plates. 

With the help of imaging tools, the package plan from the planning and design department can be integrated and the requested design positioned on the package, allowing customers to receive a 3-D colored computer image illustrating the end product perfectly directly to their computers.  In addition to this advantage, the system can also produce a 3-D video clip explaining to the customer how to "build" the package in order to optimize work in the packing department or production line.

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