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April 2017 - Landa announces:

"Landa has named, Graphica Bezalel, as its first beta customer for the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press. The award-winning folding carton, packaging and label convertor, which is Israel-based, will receive its Landa press in July 2017, where it will be used to support local as well as market leading international retail brands.

As a traditional offset print house, Graphica Bezalel has selected the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press as its first digital solution, affording it the unique competitive advantage of high-speed, high-quality digitally printed folding carton production."

Eyal Harpak, Director of Graphica Bezalel comments: “Nanography® is the first technology to tempt us into the world of digital print. Until we saw what the Landa S10 could produce, we couldn’t believe that any digital press could match offset print quality at the high-speeds required to open-up the medium-run folding carton market. We were astonished with what Landa and the team have achieved.


“Working with leading companies like Carlsberg, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, SodaStream and others, we know that brands are always looking for new ways to increase on-shelf appeal and sales. With the incredible color palette provided by the Nanographic printing process – colors that really stand out - customers will be excited with what the Landa S10 has to offer. Through increased production flexibility, the Landa S10 provides unique abilities for shorter runs, quicker response to customer needs and increase customized packaging and special promotions", concludes Eyal Harpak.

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