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During 2015, Graphica Bezalel acquired Hitec print company - the leading company in Israel in the special finishing field of printing and packaging.

Together, the two companies offer the complete and full array of finishing to go along with high quality printing. This allows Graphica Bezalel to embody the concept of offering the complete service from planning the package until the finished product including the cutting edge in the field of packaging finishing: foils, laminations, special die cutting, embossing, selective UV finishing and special coatings.

Lamination - A process of coating with 20-30-micron thick matte or glossy polypropylene, PET or polyester. Intended mainly for the pocket folder, bookbinding and packaging products industries, to provide mechanical protection, preventing wear and tear on the paper due to prolonged use. 


Hot stamping foil - Foil Hot Stamping is a letter-press technique.

Hot foil stamping is the only technique in printing which perfectly imitates gold, silver and metallic colors.

It is possible to stamp on print, and also to stamp before printing, thereby obtaining metallic effects of changing hues. Stamping is also used for security printing, by using holographic foil.

Embossing and Debossing - Embossing and debossing on paper is done to give an additional illusion to the three-dimensional experience. Embossing can be done on monochromatic paper and can also accompany a picture.

The strongest effects of embossing and debossing are achieved when they occur on glossy or metallic color.


UV Silk screen - Silk screen printing where the drying process is done by UV curing. By using silk screen, it is possible to print a layer over 10 times thicker than by using offset, thereby achieving impressive effects.


Using this printing process it is possible to print glossy (selective) lacquer, matte, structure lacquer, embossed glossy lacquer, irodin lacquer, glitter lacquer and different kinds of colors. By using silk screen it is possible to print on substrates which are difficult to print on with offset, such as printing on laminates, PVC, PET, various polyesters and non-coated graphic paper which has color-absorbing properties. 

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