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The department employs designers who have graduated from industrial planning and design schools. The team uses Bricscad, Paccad and ESKO Artioscad software to design and plan unique packages for your products. Every product receives full attention. The team measures and weighs the product and plans a suitable package from the design and raw material aspect. After the planning stage, we manufacture a white sample to simulate the end product that will be obtained once the manufacturing process is complete. This is performed using a robot system (plotter) which cuts the required raw material on the basis of the planned package distribution. The sample box is sent to the customer for final approval.

Some of the packages are extremely complicated and require imagination and creativity, packages that not only protect the product and display it at the sales points, but also become an inseparable part thereof at the end customer, such as tea boxes that become a stand from which teabags can be removed one at a time, a plastic container for pens that can also be used as a pencil case and various wine boxes.

The planning and design department excels at these complex tasks and has even won international package planning and design awards. 

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